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Lea Getaway Bookcase Headboard in White Finish
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Bookcase Headboards

A bookcase head board is perfect for storing all your odds and ends, they are great complements to the regular side table. Many people with Bookcase headboards decide to accent them with lighting, such as a desk lamp or other bedside lamp. Doing so is extremely practical in the middle of the night, or for reading in bed. Book Case Headboards usually are built to accommodate a row of books, with bookends on either side. They make great valets for your keys, wallet and cell phone, and perfect for pictures of loved ones and favorite places.

Do all Bookcase Headboards come RTA?

In many cases, bookcase headboards are made in factories that ship produce flat pack, ready to assemble furniture. Usually, but not always, this kind of furniture is made with engineered wood, which can be as strong or stronger than regular boards. Veneers cover the furniture to give the headboard a beautiful finish that will match other bedroom furniture from the same manufacturer.

Common Sizes of Book Case Headboards

Bookcase Head Boards come in a wide range of sizes, in fact because they are such a popular type of headboard, they come in all of the common sizes.

Bookcase Headboard Sizes:

Storage headboards

Storage headboards are technically a sub-category of bookcase headboards. These headboards are suited for more than just a handful of books. In some cases these headboards can be combined with a storage bed frame, for extra capacity, but generally, storage headboards have drawers, or cupboards that conceal contents, usually with sliding doors.

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