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1 items found for Tufted Headboards

Tufted Headboards

Tufted Headboards are a kind of upholstered headboards that are either covered in leather or fabric. The headboards feature a tufted topography, meaning that there are hills and valleys to the face of the headboard. These are caused by thread passing between the layers of the headboard, containing foam or batting, usually secured with a button.

Historically, the word comes from tuft, a tuft of hair or a tuft of bushes etc, however it now usually refers to a tufted surface on either a mattress, headboard, or other upholstered furniture.

Some times, tufted headboards are decorated with ornate wooden carvings, or intricate designs, in other cases, tufted headboards are plain. You can have fun tufting some of our less expensive upholstered headboards yourself, instructions can be found online.

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