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179 items found for Wood Headboards
Fashion Bed Group Newport Mahogany Wood Headboard
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Home Styles Furniture Braywick Headboard in Light Oak
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Standard Diana  White Wash Panel Headboard
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Fashion Bed Group Belmont Maple Wood Headboard
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Pulaski Brookfield Panel Headboard in Ebony Finish
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Lea Seaside Dreams Wood Panel Headboard
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Sizes of wood Headboards

Wooden headboards, along with metal headboards, are the most popular head boards we sell on our site. They come in all the main sizes, including California King, Twin, Double, Queen and King. If you are buying a wooden headboard from our site or elsewhere, it is very important to know the size of your bed ahead of time. Different beds have different widths, and therefore each type of bed is going to need a different headboard, with one exception: Some Queen sized headboards have been used for double sized or full sized beds.

If you don’t know the size of your bed, go ahead and measure its width with a tape measure: we would be happy to help you find out what size bed you have so you know what size of wooden headboard to buy.

Standard North American Mattress Widths:

Types of Wood and Finishes of Wood

Wood Headboards can be finished in a variety of terms that sound like they are types of wood. Although we do sell solid pine, cherry, oak and other headboards, sometimes the manufactures have created laminates and veneers that give the headboards a finish and appearance of a type of wood. In some cases the finish is simply a color.

Popular Finishes for Wood Headboard

  • Pine Wood Headboards: Pine is a popular material among craftsmen for making wooden furniture. Pine headboards are no exception. Pine is comparatively inexpensive, soft and easy to work with, and is a favourite among furniture makers
  • Cherry Wood: Cherry wood is smells great, look great, and is a highly valued wood for fine furniture and instrument makers. Many of the cherry headboards we sell are finished to look like cherry wood (we also sell solid cherry wood headboards too).
  • Oak: Oak is one of the stronger hardwoods out there, and there is tons of furniture that is made from oak. We sell oak headboards that are made from solid oak, as well as headboards that employ oak veneers.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany use to be logged all throughout central and south America, and now it is nearly extinct in the wild (and heavily protected), however Mahogany has a knack for growing on plantations in Indonesia, where it is farmed as a cash crop. If you are buying new mahogany headboards, the wood is imported. Some products are finished to appear like mahogany.
  • Maple Wood: Why is maple wood is sought after by makers of things like bowling pins and baseball bats? The answer is because it is hard, and can withstand intense impacts without splitting. If you are looking for a hea

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